Becoming His Book

This book is about the journey to remember who we are and whom we belong to. All of us as women have one thing in common no matter our life circumstance. We may not have siblings, husbands, children or grandchildren, but we were all born.

We are all daughters.

That core position is the central theme of this book. Contained within these pages are stories of our sisters. Women of the faith that have gone before us. They didn’t necessarily get it right all the time and they didn’t always have it so bad either. But the key here is not the measure of their success but that they went BEFORE. They form the cloud of witnesses pressing us on, encouraging, speaking life over us because they now dwell in the presence of TRUE life, Jesus Christ. Their stories as told in scripture remind us that they had parts to play in HIStory; they made their mark somehow for his glory. What we read about them has both personal impact and prophetic implications for our lives and the world.

It is my hope that this book brings encouragement and empowerment to women of all ages. This will be an amazing book to share with all the women and even men in your life. As you read may you remember that you are so loved and have a place with the Father.