Photo Credit: Darla Hall//
Photo Credit: Darla Hall//

I am a daughter first. A  sometimes feisty, strong-willed, loud-laughing, solitude seeking daughter of God through Jesus Christ. That is my core position and the role that I find the most joy in. He is so good to me in all of my imperfections and quirks. Out of the overflow of my position in Him I get to also be a wife to an incredibly amazing and handsome viking from Iceland and a mother to 4 equally cute and fierce mocha drops. They keep me laughing, challenged and in prayer, all day everyday!

I have had the privilege of being on the pastoral staff of a wonderful church in Huntsville, Alabama for over twelve years. But where we live now is entirely different. Since August of 2018 my family and I have been living in beautiful Akureyri, Iceland as missionaries and community members. We desire to see God move powerfully in this city and nation. In the in between, I wrote a book called Becoming His, speak at conferences and gatherings and do my best to communicate the empowerment and encouragement that the Holy Spirit wants to pour out to His people. I am passionate about the Body of Christ stepping boldly into their callings and engaging in each moment and in every season that they have been given. There are more words, messages, books and prose coming simply because I can’t hold it all in so my prayer is that in some way it impacts your life and draws you closer to Christ.


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