Fire & Ice,  Milk & Honey

I Write

I write because at a certain point I tire of just telling you how to do something. Letting my words be constrained and contained within the box of information to sit on a shelf unattended and forgotten. Never released into the atmosphere of your life and into the sky where kingdom can rain down. I tire of telling something that I am not willing to finish, not willing to plant and then dig up, let the roots down deep, letting the fruit soar out and high, letting you and I taste and see that the Lord is so good and so sweet and so needed. I write so that I can show, not just tell, write stories that capture you and pull you in to testimony, let you breathe it in, taste of it, be saturated in the experience of what God is doing and can do. Calling things that are not as though they are, writing the stories that I want to see, painting a masterpiece that invites you in to the story that is meant for you to color with the image of beauty he has placed on you. I want to write prophetically, prose that proposes and ponders on mysteries only available to those who will access the riches of eternity. That declares what is not into what can be, speaking forth with a breath of creative power what in fact should be, on earth, as in heaven, in this dirt bring in heaven. So I write, so that it shall be. 

Written September 1st, 2019

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