God Speaks to Me in Random Ways

**A POST FROM FEBRUARY 7th, 2009**


…Because He knows that’s how I’ll listen. God created me random and uses the random things to move me…spontaneity to lure me into a search of His mysterious ways.

I know, it seems crazy but that’s the way of most after-midnight pondering.

Those who know me well know that I have the propensity forget things, lose things, misplace everything. My mind is filled with words, verse, poetry, plots, scenes, musings, stories, messages, sermon illustrations so why would it be concerned about keys, or phones, or makeup bags, or pens, or lotions, or wallets (you can stop laughing now friends 😉 ). But I also have this innate ability to drop things or trip over things and lucky for you (mostly lucky for myself) this doesn’t usually manifest in front of other people (besides the time I tripped over my own tights and tore a hole in them with my heels, while teaching Vibe on a Sunday, hmmmm, help me Jesus).

I almost went through today without dropping anything…and was quite satisfied with my uneventful day when, after taking out first little plastic diamond stud out of my ear my fingers forgot how to work and dropped the second little stud somewhere on my carpet. These fingers of mine were so successful in their inadequacy that I had to get down on my hands and knees to try find the little earring. Normally, I would let it go and chalk it up to an “oh well” but I figured my pair less earring collection in my jewelry box was big enough and I didn’t need to add a new member. 

My earrings are like socks. One always seems to disappear into thin air leaving its partner behind to mock me with its individuality. (yes I know…its late).

So there I was, now only twenty minutes ago, on my hands and knees looking for that dear little earring stud. And to my surprise the first thing I saw from that perspective was not my earring but a sly little needle. A needle situated precariously close to where my feet were. A needle that could have gone through my foot with no little effort and it would have been unfortunate to be in so much pain when I was ready to go to bed. 

A needle I would not have found if I hadn’t been on my knees searching for my treasure. 
And my treasure I did find. I picked that dear stud up and put it back into my jewelry box with its friend. But the needle I held on to…and laughed. I laughed because how of annoyed I get when I have to search for things. How frustrating it is sometimes to get out of your comfort zone. Especially to correct a situation that maybe was out of control or that you in fact caused.

I laughed because in this simple way God was reminding me that he had my back and was looking out for every part of my life. Including my feet covered in mismatched socks because I can’t find the ones that do match. He’s concerned about every single area even when I sometimes don’t feel like finding the time to be concerned about Him. Even when I think its too much to search out the treasure of all that He is. I seek out a treasure and he rescues me from danger. I seek His face and He fights the battle for my life (or my feet in this case). 

I laughed tonight. And almost wanted to cry because He is so LOVE. I laughed right out loud at a little past 12 midnight because even though there are millions that still don’t believe or that don’t want to believe. Even when we don’t understand His ways. Or when we don’t always get it right and find ourselves losing, forgetting, dropping, and searching…He is here, always finding us again, always remembering His promises towards us, always lifting us up and always giving the answers we need…even by way of needles and earrings. 

Thank you Lord for your P.S. I Love You’s

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