Choosing Freedom

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By Jenny Erlingsson

I sit writing this in a place called Eyrarbakki, a small sleepy town on the coast of Iceland. There is much history and beauty here and in abundance throughout the mountains, glaciers and lava rock plains of the country. The expanse of the environment lends to a certain freedom and release of burdens as I remember how amazing and creative my God is. Even within this perfect setting though I still have a choice to make. The beauty of creation doesn’t drag me kicking and screaming into rest, into freedom. Although its a wonderful tool, I still have to choose to grab hold of the freedom the has been purchased for me. And to do so I have to decide to release the burdens, mentalities, habits and yes even sin that I’ve been holding on to.

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1

As believers we are moving from glory to glory, allowing sanctification to have its way with us. Each process I take in the Lord I must release the ashes of yesterday and choose to grab hold of the beauty that he desires to give me today. The Lord has purchased this freedom for us through His death on the cross but we still get to be an active partner in that process. He gave us the power to choose Him each day and come into agreement with the freedom that is ours for the taking. We don’t HAVE to agree with lies, or desires of the flesh, or accusations of the enemy. We don’t have to submit to the slavery that comes with these things. We can be free in whatever circumstance, breathe deep of the wind of the Spirit and run with abandon with our God…into the purpose and destiny we were created for.

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